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February is made for sharing

Do bottomless brunch differently with our bottomless tapas.

A girl dipping a croffle bite into chocolate

Indulge in a distinctive dessert dining experience with your friends, family, and loved ones. Join us every Thursday to Sunday until March 9, 2024, as we present bottomless tapas at just $35.00 per person.

Our tapas menu, inspired by flavors from around the world, features delectable treats such as Turkish baklava, Italian cannoli with sweet ricotta, croffle bites (a fusion of American and French cuisines in a croissant-waffle creation), and a variety of uniquely crafted Japanese mochi balls.

Immerse yourself in a 90-minute session to savor our diverse dessert tapas range, with an array of small plates to choose from. February is the perfect month to create lasting memories with your loved ones, and at Heavenly Desserts, we strive to make every guest's experience truly memorable.

All that's left for you to do is decide who you'll be sharing this indulgent experience with!


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