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The UK's most loved dessert brand arrives in Mississauga

Handcrafted desserts, refined interiors and exceptional service await... Welcome to Heavenly Desserts.


Our journey started small, over in the United Kingdom all the way back in 2008, but our vision was always big - to deliver our award - winning creations to dessert lovers all over the world. Canada, this vision began with you, as we launched our first international restaurant in Mississauga, offering the ultimate dessert dining experience so widely loved throughout the UK, right here in Toronto.

We come from humble beginnings, starting with just one small restaurant in the heart of the United Kingdom. As of summer 2023, we've reached our 50th location milestone, with even bigger plans for international expansion. No matter where we are, or where we're going, our mission is simple - to deliver memorable dessert experiences that spark joy for every guest.

So, what sets us apart from the rest?

The answer to that is sweet and simple, and something that we like to refer to as 'the heavenly experience'. Each of our restaurants, wherever in the world, is totally unique in its identity, with fresh interior, offering an new experience to our guests, wherever they visit. Our menu uses the finest of ingredients designed to delight your senses. From classic to contemporary dishes, our desserts deliver a dining experience like no other. Our service is the cherry on top of a fantastic cake when it comes to the heavenly experience. Exceptional table service and our personalised guest experience reflect our commitment to providing next-level service.

Craving a dining experience set to deliver delight to your senses and yearning for more? You’ve come to the right place.

Kickstart your experience with something sweet to sip with our hand shaken signature iced drinks, like our picture perfect Passion Fruit & Vanilla Martini, topped with fresh pomegranate and set to brighten up your mood (and your Instagram). For guests with a more exotic palette to satisfy, our Spanish Ice Latte collection is. both bold and beautiful, in either saffron or pistachio - these iced coffees are sure to hit the sweet spot.

Desserts aren't just for 'afters' and every part of our menu is meticulously designed so each course is as sweet as the next, offering the ultimate dessert dining experience. Tease your tastebuds with a little something sweet to begin, before diving in to our signature desserts, such as a mochi plate or three of the finest macarons Mississauga has ever seen.

We need to talk about Croffles...

What the heck is a croffle, you ask? A croffle is a stroke of genius, a revolution in the dessert game and quite possibly, one of the best desserts you could ever try...

Soft, buttery croissant dough meets our signature American waffle bakers to create a delicately baked gift from heaven. Light and crispy, a croffle is baked to give the flakiness of a croissant with the classic markings of an American waffle. Why do we love it so much? We were the first to do it and we're still leading the way with four of the best croffle flavours you'll find in dessert dining...

From croffles to milk cakes, crêpes to cookie dough, signatures to sundaes and lots of deliciousness in between, each dish on our menu is made with love, with the finest ingredients, and their unique taste combinations create heavenly moments for all guests.

Pictured above: Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry Croffle, with Madagascan vanilla gelato.


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