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Step into iced coffee season with a Spanish Iced Latte

As Spring sprung in Mississauga, so did our newest collection of iced beverages, adding a splash of color and a lot of flavour to iced coffee season.

Think bright, bold, and beautiful as you prepare your tastebuds for a Hispanic inspired sensory journey...

Typically enjoyed with breakfast in Spain and commonly known as café con leche, which simply translates to 'coffee with milk', a Spanish latte is created with one part espresso coffee, one part milk and one part condensed milk, often with a sugar syrup to create a sticky and sweet consistency.

Sounds delicious, right? Made with our Heavenly blend of 100% arabica coffee beans and poured over ice, this traditional Spanish latte transcends into a chilled sweet sip with a caffeine kick to be savoured all over the world!

Wondering what makes a Heavenly Desserts Spanish Iced Latte so special? Well, we've got the basics down - perfectly combining the three traditional elements of this latte to create a creamy and thick texture. Our super skilled baristas then create a vibrant and exotic iced coffee, matched equally in aesthetic and taste with two of our signature flavours..

Okay, we'll stop teasing now and if you haven't already got it figured out, the signature flavours added to our Spanish iced lattes to create two bold and beautiful beverages are saffron and pistachio - two tastes loved by Heavenly guests in the UK and now in Mississauga too.

Saffron is one of the worlds most luxurious spices and a flavour that perfectly compliments many of our desserts, and it doesn't stop when it comes to our drinks. The floral and sweet notes of saffron work harmoniously with the bitterness of the espresso coffee, creating a distinctive and unique coffee which will change everything you thought you knew about iced coffee.

The world of desserts seems to be loving pistachio right now, but it's been a Heavenly classic for some time, gracing the likes of our milk cakes, croffles and cookie dough. The nutty and earthy palette of pistachio added to our Spanish iced latte creates the perfect balance between sweet and savoury in an iced coffee drink you'll love.

Do iced coffee season the Heavenly way with a Spanish Iced Latte, available in sweet saffron and nutty pistachio.

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